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Partner with "Preparing Hearts-Changing Lives

KWWJ 1360 AM-96.9 FM

One way to connect with liked minded people is to form a chain of communication, whether that is through radio, television, or social media. We all have a story to share: wisdom that can enhance our community and the way we do things. In this ministry, we are people helping people, supporting our brothers, sisters, and friends, doing what we can to reach and stabilize communities.

The Rewards of Being A Partner

Our Goals

God has blessed “Preparing Hearts-Changing Lives” with a radio platform. Our voices can reach many ears. Let us be the vehicle to get your message out to the world. Partner with us, and we provide the means for you and/or your organization to connect with listeners, providing them with information on your school, business, or other ministry.

Radio is affordable! Radio is powerful! Let's galvanize together, regardless of ethnicity, background and gender. At "Preparing Hearts-Changing Lives,' we are people helping people who love the Lord. Let's make the devil mad!

What We Offer

We offer opportunities to engage and promote your ministry events, market your products, and provide educational resources utilizing our radio platform.


We provide a visible presence on our major reach engines and social media platforms, enabling new and repeat visitors to stay connected with your ministry events and services.

Click HERE to create an account and get started!

Not sure yet? Click here to see the many business and ministry categories we promote.

We are powerful, radio is powerful.

Together, our voices are powerful.

Why not Partner with Us?

Preparing Hearts-Changing Lives would like to thank you for your interest in partnering with our team. Let's take this journey together.
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